A bet for a complete service: Direct advice and equipment supply, adding an excellent post sales and technical service, so we are close to our customers wherever they are located.
Our mission: To guarantee the satisfaction and trust of our customers


As part of the SSSI International Inc. Company, SSSI Compress Air is a division oriented to work commercially and technically with solutions for high industrial productivity, focused on efficiency, safety and ergonomics as we count on a technician team certified by the supplier and global leader Atlas Copco and its multi-brand.

Our group has an accumulated experience that offers clients the complete solution to their needs. We serve all branches of industry and guarantee the customer a continuous supply of pieces and parts as well as equipment and tools with high quality guaranteed. We adapt to every need and through a continuous improvement process, we have improved the competence of our staff and partners to maintain and increase service to our customers.

Atlas Copco


As distributors of worldwide leaders in this field such as Atlas Copco and its multi-brand, for instance Worthington, we supply contrasted quality equipment complying with all international standards stipulated for the different industries. It is heavy equipment and also adequate to work in harsh environments and the tropics. We advise the client about the correct equipment selection depending on the future given use achieving personalized service

Spare parts have a fundamental role in the equipment durability. High levels of productivity can only be maintained during the equipment life thanks to a preventive and appropriate maintenance and the use of original spare parts, so we guarantee to our customer the authenticity of our parts providing a proper guarantee and post sales service to the high standards required by Atlas Copco and Worthington. We guarantee ten years of spare parts supply for the equipment supplied

A good performance for machinery depends on the equipment monitoring through maintenance and periodic reviews, and also the correct start-up; in our case this service is performed by technicians certified by a prestigious company like Atlas Copco.

We perform defect inspection equipment in order to reduce errors by the customer when applying for spare parts. We have the software and accessories needed to provide a properly service to these devices as required by the Atlas Copco and Worthington brands. If you want to optimize your equipment production and minimize unproductive time reducing damages and shutdowns do not hesitate to contact SSSI International Inc

SSSI Air Compressor not only focuses on advising and providing solutions to the problems and demands of the customer. Staff and machinist training is also part of our services in order to achieve proper handling and durability of our equipment. As post sales service we also guaranteed contact with our technicians at any time that the client requires.


If you want to optimize your equipment production and minimize unproductive time reducing failures and shutdowns, do not hesitate to contact your customer service representative. Always with you! – Anytime and everywhere!


Parts and pieces for each team

  • Airline Accessories.
  • Portable air compressors.
  • Air and gas compressors.
  • Compaction equipment.
  • Demolition equipment.
  • Injection equipment.
  • Concrete spraying equipment.
  • Equipment for concrete.
  • Milling equipment.
  • Paving equipment.
  • Drill rigs and hammers equipment.
  • Assembly tool.
  • Drilling tools.
  • Material removal tools.
  • Energy Recovery Solutions.
  • Light Towers.
  • Air and Gas treatment.

SSSI Air compressor sales are products aimed at three fundamental business areas

1.  Compressed energy (compressed air): Industrial Compressors and variable speed drives, Oil-free Compressors and Gas and Process Compressors. These can be with screw, scroll and piston technology, among others, for all kinds of industries such as food, petroleum, pharmaceutical, communications, etc.

2.  Construction Tools: Lightweight construction tools, road construction equipment, portable compressors, dewatering pumps, generators and power plants.

3.  Industrial Applications: Tools and assembly tools for Automotive Industry and Industry in general.


Diverse Stationary compressors: We have screw, scroll and piston compressors, among others, for all kinds of industries such as food, petroleum, pharmaceutical, communications, etc.

Diverse Portable Compressors: We have combustion compressors of different sizes and specifications depending on the future given use.


Electric or diesel generators: We have a diverse range of equipment ranging from 2 kW to 1250 kW and already working to get even more power equipment.

Lighting towers: We have mechanical and hydraulic lighting towers, since a few years ago we also have solar towers and LED luminaire.


Air Dryers: We have refrigeration, adsorption and absorption, among others.

Hammers or breakers: We have pneumatic, electric and hydraulic hammers of different sizes and adaptable to different equipment.


Light and heavy compactors: We have manual and heavy equipment; this last we distribute the Atlas Copco group brand Dynapac.

WEDA Dewatering pumps: We have different sizes of dewatering pumps for different materials.