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SSSI Processes is a division intended to meet the most exacting demands of our customers from the industrial sector, settling the main demands arising from the exploitation, modernization, maintenance and new investment. SSSI Processes has extensive experience in providing technical and commercial support. This division gives solutions that meet the needs of each branch or specialty including the power to force lighting and grounding, automation of technological processes, detection and firefighting, environmental protection using technologies in sewage treatment, equipment for fluid combustible and non-combustible control, materials and accessories for assembly.

We have extensive experience and a great commercial and services provider career for the processes industry, with emphasis on technology market of Oil and Gas industry. We have the ability to ensure continuous supply of devices and parts of high quality as well as we provide technological equipment according to the needs, many of which manufactured by the company


Our Mission: Guarantee the customer satisfaction achieving maximum confidence by providing a high quality product and technology; adding an excellent service, positioning us as leaders of this industrial market


All the equipment we supply meets the highest international standards of quality and safety. Industrial facilities have specific characteristics so SSSI propose the equipment required, from our standard production or our suppliers, to provide customers the best cost/benefit relation. To achieve this, our technical staff will be in direct and permanent contact with the customer working to adapt, or create personalized designs, maintaining the highest standards of quality and the accomplishment of international standards and/or local standards allowing us a customer care, supply and personalized service according to each need and customer.

Accessories or spare parts for industry play a key role in the reliability, security and continuity of the services provided by our customers. For this reason, SSSI Processes has special interest in advising and supplying accessories, or any equipment the same or similar, to the teams supplied or not by our company. We always work with suppliers of genuine parts for each team, ensuring that they comply strictly with the technical characteristics specified by our customer and technical and quality requirements demanded by the manufacturers so we can guaranteed best results with the fastest delivery.

SSSI processes is strongly committed to its customers so a defect inspection will be guaranteed for all supply and sale, if necessary, to ensure the correspondence between the demand and supply in addition to the guarantee of a start-up with qualified staff, allowing a good performance for the given solutions.

As part of the environment quality and guarantees offered by our company to its customers, SSSI processes offers the possibility to train staff of our clients through courses, training, workshops and technical lectures by experienced personnel with the highest rating, in the appropriate facilities in Canada or our customer’s as well.


Control, handling, transfer and storage of flammable and nonflammable liquids. 

1. Pump as, an independent supply or as an integrated common base product, or as stationary and mobile pumping systems.

  • Centrifuges.
  • Multistage Centrifugal.
  • Split case.
  • According to ANSI and API Standards.
  • Submergible.
  • Positive displacement, including dosing and progressive cavity.

2.  Pipes and accessories.

  • Metallic pipes for industrial use of various thicknesses and materials, welded / seamless.
  • PVC, CPVC, FV and HDPE Pipes.
  • Pipes for gas line.
  • Valves:
    – Manual and Automatic valves
    – Regulatory valves self-operated.
    – Pressure Relief Valves
    – Steam Traps.
    – Air eliminators
    – Control Valves.
  • Accessories for welded joint, slotted, threaded or flanged piping systems, all kinds of material for industrial use.
  • Articulated arms for loading and unloading facilities
  1. Accessories for storage tanks.– Floating suction arms.
    – Breathing and vacuum valves.
    – Measurement and cleaning registration, manhole, etc.
    – Storage tanks and recovery drain.
    – Level Meters.
  2. Filters for all types of fuel, basket type, Micronics, separators, coalescent, monitors, clay, etc. and filter elements.
  3. Equipment and accessories for tank trucks and loading and unloading facilities.

Instrumentation, Control and Automation Equipment.

  • Field instrumentation, transmitters, indicators, sensors, pressure gauges, thermometers, transducers, etc. for all kinds of technological variable.
  • Metro-meters and flow meters, mass flow, turbine type, ultrasonic, positive displacement, etc.
  • Drivers, PLC, HDMI, SCADA.
  • Assembling accessories, cable, trays, and connectors, connection boxes, even for dangerous and classified areas.
  • Leakage Detection Systems in pipelines and tanks.
  • Spare parts and Accessories.

General Electric Equipment 

  • Panels, CCM, strength, lighting and distribution blackboards.-       Assembling accessories, cable, trays, and connectors, connection boxes, even for dangerous and classified areas.
  • Luminaires, poles, accessories, etc. for lighting.
  • Transformers for low and medium voltage.
  • Electric motors.
  • Spare parts and Accessories.
  • Cathode protection.Accessories and materials for grounding systems and lightning rods

Equipment and consumables for quality control and safety.

  • Measuring tapes.
  • Water detectors.
  • Particle detectors.
  • Fungus detectors.
  • Sample tests, manual and online.
  • Laboratory Equipment.
  • – Laboratory Patterns.

Fire detection and extinguishing systems and accessories.

  • Automatic fire detection systems.
  • Extinguishing equipment (foam generators, fire extinguishers, nozzles, hoses, hydrants and cabinets).
  • Fire pumps approved systems (electric and diesel operation pumps) and its control and strength switchboards.

Treatment plants for sewage, pluvial and technologic.

  • For oily sewage treatment.
  • For domestic sewage treatment.
  • For industrial sewage treatment.