Who we are


Is a company of Canadian origin, with its headquarters based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1958 under the name LTS (now SSSI) with a number of branches in the United States and different Canadian provinces.

In the beginning it was known as a company to provide technical support and maintenance services to oil companies in Canada and the United States. In later years, it extends its business to the area of specialized equipment and accessories supplies for transfer operations and fuel handling in the aviation industry, with SHELL, ESSON and, MOBIL Company as main clients.


To be a leader company in the market, known by the quality of our support, solutions, products and services, ensuring the sustained growth of our commerce, recognized primarily for the human and professional quality of our people.


To achieve complete customer satisfaction relying on the products and services we sell and be leaders on their quality and effectiveness.

Global Presence

At present, SSSI has more than 26 years of commercial presence in the Caribbean and has a representative office in the area since 1986, selling our products, engineering and design solutions, and ensuring extensive post sales service for construction fields, aviation industry for its ground services, general and oil industry.




SSSI International Inc. is our Branch office in the Caribbean, and consists of four different divisions according to the market. These are called: Process, Construction, Aviation and Air Compressed. These divisions, even if they are for specific and independent markets and have their group of certain specialists, are related under the same mission and vision business, in which the role in the business area is to develop, to implement and to monitor the objectives and strategies in the business field in general.

Integrating knowledge and solutions of each market with other niches we achieve the perfect service, where each division makes profit of portions or particularities of the others, both technical support and supply, with the possibility of providing a comprehensive and professional spectrum in products and services offered, achieving also total customer satisfaction and obtaining a shared vision, but a common identity.



Equipment and specialized systems supply for different divisions

In different industries and sectors one factor in common for all is the equipment profitability, safety and reliability; this is why our range of products in market strictly complies with international and local standards set for each sector. Please note that each facility or industrial sector are individually specific with standard equipment or our suppliers that do not meet the demands of the circumstances given by customers; for that reason, our specialists for each branch, supported by our sellers, will be in direct contact with the user and work together to adapt or create custom designs, while meeting international standards and (or) local, achieving special attention, delivery and personalized service.

Components, parts, sets (kits) and spare accessories supply

Accessories or spare parts play a fundamental role in the reliability, security and continuity of production and services of our clients; that is why SSSI International puts main interest in advising and supplying them, whether they are for equipment or systems supplied by our company or any equipment in our customer hands not supplied by us.

SSSI International Inc. works directly with manufacturers and distributors of authentic parts for equipment according to the technical specifications and requirements of our customers, achieving the most effective and efficient solution with a formal delivery.

Start-up and defect inspection of facilities, system and equipment.

Good work on the exploitation of any equipment or system depends mainly on a good start-up, so SSSI International Inc. pays special interest in the implementation of our equipment and systems in our presence, for which we assign our best specialists in each field.

Our company shows an added value, providing our services in the defect inspection of equipment and systems in the customer hands and offering a possible solution in case of failure or need for parts in stock for maintenance.

Training for our customers

SSSI International Inc. puts the necessary attention to train, advice and provide solutions to the problems and demands of the customer as part of their services. Training can be done at specific facilities in Canada and the customers.

The training is done through workshops and technical conferences in each branch, given by a qualified staff for that operation, ensuring this way a good exploitation and effectiveness of the equipment we sell. Also, as part of post-sales service, we guarantee assistance from our technicians at the time and place required.

Board Of Directors


 Chris James Ronan